Mechanic for hire in Prince George

Mechanic in Prince George, Virginia

Mechanic for hire in Prince George or Petersburg, Virginia. Please call me if you have any full-time mechanic work available.


Lawn care in Petersburg, Virginia

I am very skilled at lawn maintenance, having more than a decade of experience maintaining landscapes. I can operate a zero-turn lawnmower, string trimmers, leaf blowers, and more. If you are an employer in need of skilled lawn maintenance in the Petersburg/Prince George/Hopewell/Colonial Heights/Dinwiddie/Disputanta/Stony Creek/Emporia/Surry/Sussex areas, email me at

Speaker polarity battery hack #handymantip

You can use a regular dc battery, such as a 9-volt, to figure out the polarity of speakers. To do this, connect the speaker wire to the battery- positive to positive, and negative to negative. If the speaker pushes out, whatever wire is touching the positive tip of the battery is positive. But if the speaker pushes in, then you know you need to reverse the wiring.

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